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ABOUT TYRONNE                        

I’m an experienced creative director and leader who delights in that sweet moment when storytelling and strategy intertwine to produce a fantastic idea. I believe in the power of insights, tone, and craft to create groundbreaking work. My respect for details has helped me foster strong client relationships and create award winning, consistently effective work. I’ve led new business pitches and rebranding efforts to visually and tonally reestablish a brand, collaborating with heads of strategy, design, and account to find meaningful, fresh brand voices.   


I’ve overseen teams on notable brands like Febreze, Capital One, Gillette, and Flonase, creating Super Bowl spots, music composed to help you quit smoking, an activation combating a poop train, and many more fun and innovative pieces. I’ve led the development of incredibly meaningful initiatives for Unload Your 401K  (promoting gun money divestment) and The Harris Project (increasing awareness of co-occurring disorders). 


I’m continually fascinated by the latest creative technology tools. I’ve become an agency leader in AI creative capabilities, educating co-workers on breaking trends and industry developments. I continuously learn and test AI tools for generative images, video, and speech to help realize and improve upon ideas. 


Over the years, my creative outlets have taken many forms, including illustration, editing, scriptwriting, character design, animation, and voice acting. These passions make me a well-rounded, effective leader, enabling me to impactfully connect with creatives as well as business and production partners. My intricate knowledge of production allows me to effectively influence the quality of work within a given scope, finding efficiencies and solutions in order to never compromise the concept. 


​With the belief that knowledge in craft is the only way to truly honor great ideas, I lead with a joy and passion that inspires those around me to create rewarding, unforgettable work.

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