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While category leaders pushed rosy BS about Nature’s beauty, we leaned into the truth that for people with allergies, even the prettiest flower can feel terrifying. Our Effie-recognized campaign catapulted business, helping Flonase grow more than 2x as fast as the entire allergy category, all while being outspent 2x in media by the leading competitors.

Most allergy brands depict a smiley, worry-free Spring day in their communications. We decided to dig into the truth for the brand's 360 platform launch. The idea of going outside during allergy season can be scary for allergy sufferers. But when you are prepared with Flonase, you can leave your fears at home. Psst! Psst! You're Good. 

Campaign Overview

Social Videos

The Platform launch included a pre allergy messaging, urging allergy sufferers to prepare for Spring and leave the worry behind.

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